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the specific space. so this is a nice spot by the lake, huh? artist kendall buster's multilayer strat up made of fiberglass and steel served as a platform to fish to gaze at the lake. >> kendall came out here and studied the park for a long time and the way that people were using it. she was interested with the way that people were engaging with the lake and the landscape. >> brown: engaging means they were fishing, they were.... >> they were fishing, they were sometimes floating on floatees, picnicking on the edge of the lake. you know, just enjoying it. >> brown: thrill ian artist is a park within the park. a contempt practice tiff space of indiana lime stone, grass and trees entered through an underground tunnel. a pis of art or just a nice space? it didn't matter to these two brothers who just visited. >> i liked how it was constructed. it wasn't your original brick. it was very nice. >> i just really thought it was a peaceful, quiet place. there was no steady noises or anything. it was just quiet. it's great for a wedding and stuff. >> brown: interesting commute. and then there's indiana
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)